Changes Happening in the City of Birmingham!

Changes Happening in the City of Birmingham!

A weekend trip to my hometown, Birmingham, Alabama, was one I truly enjoyed and will never forget. Walking around the city gave me a new perspective of home but also of the future to come. I'm truly a Alabama girl, and I love everything southern, well everything good! From the food, the college rivalry with [...]

God’s Positioning System

If you hate traffic like me, then you understand how much I appreciate technology and the invention of the GPS (Global Positioning System). I use the GPS everywhere I go in Atlanta, especially, when it's during busy traffic times; and of course when I have absolutely no idea where I'm this weekend. Which is [...]

Are You Making Time for the Right Person?

How are you spending your time on a daily basis? You may be busy, overwhelmed with work, and have number of task you have to accomplish by the end of the day. But the time you spend outside of work, outside of your spouse, outside of your do you spend it? Do you have [...]