5 Ways to Regain Motivation 

Wow, we're only four months away from celebrating some of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving...Christmas...then New Years. Speaking of New Years, how are your 2016 goals coming along? Now let's get real, some of us did great and some of us lost motivation a few months in. I understand, maybe you're feeling like your goals were [...]

Live Your Best Life NOW!

There's something about being around happy people. The energy that a happy person exudes is not only exciting but contagious. So contagious that it almost forces you to laugh, smile, and often times celebrate. Even songs that talk about happiness can have the same effect. Listen to "Happy" by Pharrell Williams, it'll have you smiling, [...]

Let’s Take a SELF-ie!

Instagram has taken picture taking to the next level. To the point that we can't help but capture every moment or event and share it with others. It's become so intense, that taking a "selfie" is now apart of some peoples daily routine. People are actually getting paid just to take pictures of themselves daily...which [...]

If You Can’t See It, You Can’t Have It! 

The amazing thing about being a vessel for God is that He uses us in ways we never imagined or dreamed. He's so creative, and because we're apart of Him, He allows us to have free range to His creativity as well. Creativity first starts with what you allow your mind to see. Everyone has [...]