There’s NO Such Thing as a “Perfect” Mate

"How to Find Your Perfect Mate!" is a title I read while scrolling down my Facebook timeline. Immediately, the word "perfect" stood out to me. one and nothing is  perfect. So to think that someone could give information on how to find the perfect mate, literally made me laugh out loud. But out of [...]

Are You Making Time for the Right Person?

How are you spending your time on a daily basis? You may be busy, overwhelmed with work, and have number of task you have to accomplish by the end of the day. But the time you spend outside of work, outside of your spouse, outside of your do you spend it? Do you have [...]

Are You Becoming the Person, in which the Person You’re Looking for, is Looking for?

So we’ve all been there or maybe you’re experiencing this currently…drum roll please…the single life. I know, for some it’s a great experience and for others it can be extremely challenging. But for those of you who are currently living the single life, congratulations and get excited! Why? Because you have the opportunity to not [...]