Embracing the Greatness in You!

Embracing the Greatness in You!

Yeeeessss!!! You've made it to the end of the year! And despite all of the hurdles, you not only overcame them, but found a way to accomplished your goals at the same time. So you're not just proud of yourself, but moving into 2017 feeling like you're un-stop-pa-ble. Can't nothing touch you! And hunnie, this [...]

Live Your Best Life NOW!

There's something about being around happy people. The energy that a happy person exudes is not only exciting but contagious. So contagious that it almost forces you to laugh, smile, and often times celebrate. Even songs that talk about happiness can have the same effect. Listen to "Happy" by Pharrell Williams, it'll have you smiling, [...]

Is This Your Season of Growth!

 Gardens are beautiful to me, and I admire anyone who has a green thumb. The time that's needed to mature vegetables and fruit is demanding. Gardens take time, attention, and a whole lot of pruning. When planting seeds you can't just expect for them to grow on their own. You have to make sure you're [...]