Embracing the Greatness in You!

Embracing the Greatness in You!

Yeeeessss!!! You've made it to the end of the year! And despite all of the hurdles, you not only overcame them, but found a way to accomplished your goals at the same time. So you're not just proud of yourself, but moving into 2017 feeling like you're un-stop-pa-ble. Can't nothing touch you! And hunnie, this [...]

5 Ways to Regain Motivation 

Wow, we're only four months away from celebrating some of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving...Christmas...then New Years. Speaking of New Years, how are your 2016 goals coming along? Now let's get real, some of us did great and some of us lost motivation a few months in. I understand, maybe you're feeling like your goals were [...]

God’s Positioning System

If you hate traffic like me, then you understand how much I appreciate technology and the invention of the GPS (Global Positioning System). I use the GPS everywhere I go in Atlanta, especially, when it's during busy traffic times; and of course when I have absolutely no idea where I'm going...like this weekend. Which is [...]