Simply BE was created out the inspiration of obedience and faith. To help motivate and inspire people to not only find and follow their purpose, but Simply Be themselves in the process. Figuring out your purpose isn’t always easy or exciting, and it has a funny way of pulling everything good and bad out of you. It causes you to remove yourself out your comfort zone and into a place of discomfort. You’re no longer able to rely on yourself, but forced into a true dependence and belief; into something that’s greater than you.

Simply BE means being the person you desire and know you’re called to be through Christ.

Our true blessings come when we tap into our true purpose, and are unapologetic about who we can Simply BE!

We can often times compare ourselves to others, or try and conform to what others think we are. But if we’re constantly growing and evolving with God and in His word, we’re able to Simply BE ourselves. I pray and believe that you will Simply Be: Bold, Confident, Strong, Loving, but most importantly YOU! So look forward to be inspired and encouraged, to Simply BE!



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