5 Ways to Eat Healthy


Eating healthy and exercising more, is what everyone wants to do for the new year. Don’t act like you’ve never said it! This is my year to eat right and exercise more…and what usually happens? We find ourselves indulging in everything unhealthy. My husband and I have made eating healthy and exercising a lifestyle. We try to exercise at least four days out the week and eat a pescatarian diet…well my husbands getting there. I’ve been pescatarian for four years and thankfully my husband has been extremely supportive. Being pescetarian has changed my life, and taught me how to truly make healthy eating choices. I’ve found fun and creative ways to eat delicious and healthy food. Below are five ways to eat healthy.

5 Ways to Eat Healthy

1. Throw Away the Salt and Salt 


Yes, I said it, throw way the salt and sugar. I’m a true southern girl, and anything good, is dressed in either salt or sugar. However, you can use low calorie flavors and seasoning, like Mrs. Dash or even additives like citrus, vinegar’s or horseradish. I use lemon, lime, vinegar and every once in awhile soy sauce. Be careful with soy sauce, it has a large amount of sodium

    2. Find Another Option 


Find healthy meals that work for you! Eating the same thing can get boring and become discouraging when trying to reach a goal. When I want something that’s I know isn’t healthy for me, I don’t give in to my cravings. Instead, I go to Pintrest, Tasty and Tasty Vegetarian for new and innovative meals for me and my family. They make even the worst cook look like they whipping up in the kitchen. The recipes are easy to use and come with videos that display step by step instructions on how to prepare the meals.

3. Meal Prep


Meal prepping is valuable, especially when your busy or on the go. For my household, meal prepping saves us time but also keep us focused on eating the right things. I create a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There able to create a groceries list for the  week. I do our grocery shopping on the weekends, season and freeze our food the same day, and throughout the week cook what’s been prepared in advance. It saves time, money, and makes it eating healthy easy.

  4. Keep Your Money Right 


I know, I know, eating healthy can be expensive. As I said before, finding creative ways to eat meals and meal prepping saves money. Another option is finding a store that provides fresh food. I use a local farmers market, where the food is fresh and much cheaper than the a Publix or Kroger grocery store. It also gives me the opportunity to play around with new vegetables and fruits you wouldn’t normally find in the grocery store. I recommend only buying fresh veggies, fruits, fish and poultry, other items are priced higher at the farmers market.

5. Eat With Someone 


There’s nothing better than eating a meal with a good friend or someone you truly love…maybe it’s because it’s made with love. Whatever it may be for you, use that as motivation to cook meals you enjoy and find healthy. Again, don’t forget to eat them with someone you love.

Thanks so much for reading and Simply Be!


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