Changes Happening in the City of Birmingham!


A weekend trip to my hometown, Birmingham, Alabama, was one I truly enjoyed and will never forget. Walking around the city gave me a new perspective of home but also of the future to come.

I’m truly a Alabama girl, and I love everything southern, well everything good! From the food, the college rivalry with Alabama and Auburn (War Eagle), planning every event around football season, and calling everyone you know or think…who might be ten years older than you, “ma’am or sir”.


Again, I love the charm of the south but I also value the the history, specifically, the civil rights movement. It was an movement and era for leaders all over the state and world to bring change and innovation, not just socially but historically. Much of the historical change was found in the city of Birmingham and is continuing in different ways presently…but at a slower pace.


Really slow…but it’s those large and valuable movements of history, that not only made me proud of who I am, but where I’m from, and who I want to BE.

Randell Woodfin, Birmingham’s new major, is millennial that not only understands but values the importance of change for the city of Birmingham. He’s brought hope back into the hearts of the people and a sense of pride to the city. Major Woodfin drives the focus of improving the economic and social lifestyle of Birmingham, and I can’t wait to see it how he does it!

In my heart, I’m still a Birminghamian…I guess I can call myself that, and the new ideas of social and economic change gives hope. That hope brings innovation, and I believe innovation is flowing ALL through the city! People are ready for change…well, I know I am. And honestly, in some way, I hope and believe that my family will be apart of the change I want to see. That weekend, I realized that having a mindset of change and innovation is about the future, but also the relevance of the present time. What’s needed in the present, paves the way for the future. What innovative ideas do you have?…How can you bring hope or change?…and what’s stopping you from accomplishing it? Thanks so much for reading and #SimplyBe!


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