30 Day Encouragement Challenge for Couples


Yeeeess, I think I found my Cheerleader! Cheerleaders, cheer their team on for encouragement. It can range from chanting slogans to intense physical activity. Imagine if you were a cheerleaders for your spouse, daily. That means, cheering them on, speaking words of encouragement, and allowing your actions to exemplify how much you support them.

As a woman, your often hear how important it is to “Build Up” your man, maybe because it’s in our nature to give. However, men, don’t be fooled! Woman need to be built up also. I know, men and woman are different in a number of ways, but in this particular area…WE aren’t! And who doesn’t like encouragement?

Everyone can give and receive encouragement.

For women, encouragement looks different. We’re typically moved by what we hear, than what we see. When we aren’t hearing what we need, our sense of appreciation, worth, and focus in the relationship can change. Men, your lady needs to hear how you desire, appreciate, and love her, especially when she’s down. Be her biggest cheerleader!

Now ladies, you’ve got to be your man’s cheerleader too. I know, it’s easy to get on your man, and only focus on the wrong he’s doing but…ain’t nobody got time for that. During my engagement, I focused a large amount of attention on what we were doing wrong and it caused us to argue often. I would get upset about small things and ignore what was really important at the time.

Now, like any couple, we still have arguments but my focus has changed. I try to embrace the good in our relationship and take things one day at a time. Most importantly, I accept him for who he is, and not for who I want him to be. I try to encourage him in a way that he can receive it, specifically in actions of respect and honor.

 Men want to BE respected and honored.

You’re his lady, and like they say, build your man up! Compliment him in what he does for you, your household, and the way he makes you feel. Tell him how much you love and respect him…even when he’s not exemplifying those things. You’ll be amazed, to see what encouragement will do for your relationship. Be his biggest cheerleader!

Be each other’s, biggest cheerleader and remember to focus on the reasons why you fell in love. Below, are links to a 30 Day Challenge to encourage your partner. I absolutely love the challenges and have used them myself. I hope these are helpful. Thanks so much for reading and #SimplyBE!


Links to 30 Day Encouragement Challenge:

Women: 30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge

Men: 30 Day Wife Encouragement Challenge

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