7 Signs You’re the Petty One in the Relationship


You so petty! You know that’s what you’re thinking, when someone’s acting childish, immature, or simply overreacting to a situation. Some people’s pettiness is with revenge, words or even humor. But if we want to be real, and remove the Urban Dictionary, it’s a passive aggressive way to be rude. Yes, rude, and I hate it! Now, I’m not saying I’ve never been rude or petty, because a sista can get there if you try me…but ONLY if you try me.

And trust-the-plus, people will really try you! It wasn’t until recently that I realized that there’s levels to this pettiness y’all. And “real petty people” might understand what I’m talking about. For example, the pettiness that you have with a family member, friend, or even an acquaintance, are on all different levels. Real petty people, give different sprinkles of petty, yes, sprinkles. It’s like they season and marinate their petty until it’s just right. And I truly believe, that the people we interact with and love the most, are ALWAYS the best at being petty and can easily pull pettiness out of you. And you know why?!…It’s because they know EXACTLY what to do and say, to get us upset, and vice versa.

When my husband and I find ourselves being petty, we try to call each other out. Sometimes we, try and bring a little humor to the situation by calling the other “Petty Patty…or Peter”, again, basically…it’s a nice way to call the other person out on their shade. Below are seven characteristics to recognize when you or someone around you, is being the “Petty Patty…or Peter” in the relationship. I hope these tips were helpful and thanks so much for reading and #SimplyBe!


7 Signs You’re the Petty One in Relationship:

1. You make them figure out why you’re mad at them…Because they’re telepathic and can read your mind, you don’t have to communicate with anyone, especially not your spouse.

2. Whenever someone else offers an idea or suggestion, you loudly proclaim, you’ve ALREADY thought of or tried that before.

3. You pay attention to everything they’re NOT doing right…now you know, you’re perfect…why can’t they be?!

4. You dominate conversations by talking about what YOU’VE seen personally and what YOU think is important about a particular issue at the time.

5.  You use ONE word answers during conversations…because talking in full sentences is beneath you.

6. You never, ever, show any grace…if you do, others might think you’re weak or unsure.

7. You go to Social Media to express how you feel about them or situations…because you’re important, and everyone on social media needs to know what’s going on in your personal life

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