5 Ways to Have a Great Relationship!


My husband and I, have only been married for three months but it honestly feels like six. Now, I don’t mean that in a negative way, because we’re truly happy. But after we said ” I do”, the honeymoon was over, and we planted our feet back in Georgia; the transition from engagement to marriage, became real, real quick! And honestly, I don’t care how much you think you know someone, you don’t know them…or YOURSELF, until you get married. I promise, marriage ain’t no joke. Marriage shows you who you are, what you’re not, and who you want to be. I know, I know…”The first year is always the hardest year”, but does that have to be true for everyone?

This weekend, my husband and I participated at in a marriage conference at Victory World Church. It was led by Montel and Kristian Jordan. Yes, “Thiisss is hoow we doooo it!” singer and producer, Montel Jordan. Ironically, the conference was called ” This Is How We Do It- Marriage MasterPEACE, and they got to the nitty gritty about eve-ry-thing. They gave great keys on how to keep peace and the pieces of your marriage together through intimacy, communication, conflict and more. They didn’t miss a beat, and I truly believe it’s an experience that our marriage will benefit from for years.


Yes, years! The information was practical and relevant for every stage of relationships; and being newlyweds, it was perfect for us. Like any relationship, we still have imperfections, but the conference was a perfect reminder that the imperfections of relationships make them unique, fun, challenging and worth it ALL! The work that’s required to make a relationship a masterpiece, isn’t solely required from two but three people. Having a healthy relationship with God, means a healthy and peaceful relationship with your spouse. And Lawd knows, we all want to master-PEACE in our relationship. Below are five ways to have a great your relationship (these are key points that stood out to me). Thanks so much for reading and #SimplyBE!


5 Ways to Have a Great Relationship

1. The Power of Marriage is Headed in a Shared Dream/Vision  Find a dream and vision for your marriage. Write it down, make it plain, and find ways to reach your goals together.

2. Good Conflict Resolution  Learn how to be the appeaser, and let that work to your benefit. It’s not always about being right or winning the argument. (Men should lead in reconciliation)

3. Live with the Right Priorities – Make the Main thing, the Main Thing.

  • Jesus is the #1 Relationship in Marriage
  • Spouse is the Most Important Earthly Relationship
  • Children
  • Church
  • Family and Friends
  • Job and Career
  • Hobbies, Sports, and Special Interest

4. Watch Your Words and Attitudes Towards Each Other  Speak the Word Only. You’re words are powerful, use words of encouragement and love, with one another…even in an argument.

5. Date Each Other What it Takes to Get Them, It takes to Keep Them.

Date night is NOT optional, BE Intentional about the time you spend together!



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