Embracing the Greatness in You!

Yeeeessss!!! You’ve made it to the end of the year! And despite all of the hurdles, you not only overcame them, but found a way to accomplished your goals at the same time. So you’re not just proud of yourself, but moving into 2017 feeling like you’re un-stop-pa-ble. Can’t nothing touch you! And hunnie, this year will not and shall not, be nothing but GREAT!

Now, I hope this is true for you and everyone around you. But if not, it’s okay! And don’t you dare beat yourself up about it. Honestly, I had to get myself together about my own goals just a few days ago. I was in my feelings because I didn’t accomplish one of my goals. Yes, ONE! I know what you’re probably thinking, is she serious right now. And I kid you not, a sista was upset. My goal was to start a (VLog) Video Blog. Now, I knew what I needed to do, started working on it, but procrastinated about completing the goal. I think at some point I got discouraged about making it happen, which is another story in it’s self…but maybe you’re feelings are similar to mine. You didn’t complete your goals and apart of you is unmotivated or disappointed in yourself.

A few months ago we talked about 5 Ways to Regain Motivation while reaching your goals, which is still relevant now. However, instead of thinking about what you haven’t done or didn’t do, take some time and think about you. Yes, YOU and give yourself a pat on the back for what you HAVE completed. And if you’ve forgotten how great you are or what’s inside of you, remember:

1. You are ONE of a kind.

You were created with talents, gifts, and a light that the world deserves to experience. SHARE your genius with the world hunnie, we need it! Your talents aren’t just for you but everyone around. Find a way to accomplish your goals in a way that’s obtainable and personal to you.

2. This is your life, create it the way you desire.

The secret is to simply BElieve that you can. 

Your ideal life is waiting for you, you just have to come to the consciousness that IT already exit. Decide what you want to do and don’t be afraid to make it happen. Don’t be afraid to take risk.

3. Live life, take risk. 

Taking risk isn’t always the most popular thing to do, and others may or may not agree with your decisions. But FORGET them, this is your life and no one can walk your journey except you. So take some risk this year in reaching your goals.

Now, I’m not saying do anything that goes against your morals or beliefs. But invest in you! Maybe take some classes, get a mentor, or do something outside the box. Either way, do what it takes to bring your dreams to life. Everything you need is in you to succeed, take action and do it NOW! Thanks for reading, Happy New Year and #SimplyBE!!!


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