3 Tips on Patience

“Be patient, I’m preparing you for greater things,” is what God told me a year to this month. After applying for jobs for six months, going on interviews, and even having to reject particular jobs, I was frustrated. And in my frustration, I asked or maybe you can say yelled, “What else do you want me to do?!”. And just like the gentleman God is, He said, “Be patient, I’m preparing you for greater things.”…Be patient, I’ve been patient Lawd! And again, God repeated exactly what He said. And honestly, I couldn’t say anything else. He shut me right on up and I was actually ashamed that I yelled at God.

Six months went by and I wasn’t yelling anymore, lol! But truthfully, my patience was dwindling. Again like the gentleman God is, He reminded me though an Instagram post, yesss, I said an Instagram post that stated “God is preparing you for greater things.” Immediately, after seeing that post something resonated in my spirit and I knew God was talking to me. And as I look back, I wasn’t spiritually, mentally or physically where I was the first time He spoke those words to me.  But I realized then, what I didn’t see the first time, was that my patience was preparation and key to me receiving greater. I was so excited about the “greater” that I completely ignored the season of preparation I was to experience during my patience.

“BE still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him…” Psalms 37:7

I was in a season of preparation, which required patience and complete trust in God. From that day on, I was patient and focused on taking in every moment God had for me. Again, it wasn’t until this year that I left my job, but the way it happened was seasoned and marinated in God and it was finger licking good! Real good, y’all! Through patience and preparation, God aligned me to receive the blessings He had for me. And when God promised me greater…He completely showed out! I received greater on my job but also in my life as a whole. Things I thought I lost; God worked out for my good and give me greater than I can even imagine. My previous blog talks about Embracing Every Present Moment, and even as I was writing that blog, God was reminding me that in order for me to reach the next season in life, I have to be prepared…God wanted me to be prepared, I needed to be prepared. And I truly believe that God doesn’t just prepare some of us, but ALL of us.

God’s so intentional, that He’s already provided the skills needed to BE great! 

We’re all chosen and prepared for a purpose, and the fact that He’s chosen us individual to fulfill a plan He’s created, makes me want to shout!! Think about it, this means He’s not only entrusted you to do His will; but also given you the skills needed to fulfill His assignment successfully. So be patient with God, the dreams He’s entrusted you with, and the process that’s needed to get there. I know it can get hard but remember, you’ve already been given what you need to succeed, so you are prepared for greatness!

Patience and Preparation for Greatness: 

  1. Remember, God prepares us each differently and in unique ways– Be open, patient and continue to persevere. For God often uses multiple streams of preparation-Training, education, people, situations, est. 
  2. Are you ready to seize what you’ll receive?- If God gave us everything all at once, would we appreciate it all? God prepares and trains us to be humble and have complete trust in Him. When we trust in God, we depend on Him to provide all our needs. 
  3. Not all of the preparation will be, shall we say, fun or positive- Situations can be challenging and they may not always bring out the best in you…right then! But stay encouraged! God is with you and will give you the strength and wisdom needed to persevere. There is a lesson in the blessing, and you are destined for greatness!

Success and greatness through God is different but simple through faith. Through faith, everything is possible with God. And though God’s will, He’ll prepare and guide you with the wisdom and favor to prosper. As you move into a new season in your life, I want to remind you that God is with you, doors of opportunity are open, and favor is available…just receive. Thanks for reading and #SimplyBE!


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