5 Ways to Regain Motivation 


Wow, we’re only four months away from celebrating some of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving…Christmas…then New Years. Speaking of New Years, how are your 2016 goals coming along? Now let’s get real, some of us did great and some of us lost motivation a few months in. I understand, maybe you’re feeling like your goals were too ambitious, situations caused you to get distracted, or things didn’t happen the way you wanted them to. No matter what it is, acknowledge it, pick yourself up and get back motivated!

How do you get motivated? Well let’s remember what motivation is, it’s your reason or reasons for why you do something. It’s also your desire and inspiration to work towards a particular goal with continuous commitment. When we no longer have motivation, we also lose the reasons for why we want to complete our goals. But do these feelings have to last, absolutely NOT! Below are five tips on how to REgain motivation.


1.) Remember Your Motivating Force

It’s easy to forget the motivating force behind our purpose and the goals created in our lives. But when you know your passion and reasons for why you want to succeed, you’ll do any and everything to accomplish that goal…but first, remember what’s important to you. Your reasons may have changed from the first time you created your goal or maybe they’ve stayed the same, either way, use them as motivation. Be consistent and make your reasoning personal to you. Seeking God and His word, it’s one of the best ways to make your goals personal. He’ll lead you to the right places and people, to accomplish your purpose supernaturally.

Surround yourself around people who support the purpose of who God has called you to BE. 

2.) Stay Around Positive People

Find positive people who will support your goals and the process that comes along with it. Believe it or not, having positive energy around you, will not only push you towards wanting to “do” better but “be” better. So place yourself around people who are like minded, driven and just as ambitious as you. And when you’re lacking motivation, tired or getting lazy, have someone who will call you out. Accountability and correction is necessary for success.

3.) Prioritize Your “Have” and “Want” to do’s

Successful people do things on purpose, so make a list of priorities. Figure out what you “have” to do and “want” to do. Of course, your priorities will always go towards your ‘haves’ before your ‘wants’ in goal setting, but it’s important to have balance in your life. Accomplish goals that you not only ‘have’ to do, but ‘want’ to do. Your happiness and self care is important, so do what makes you happy, as long as it’s productive.

BEing productive, includes seeing and speaking positively over yourself. 

4.) Visualize and Speak Success

Visualize and speak life over your goals and yourself. Remember, If you can’t see it, you can have it! Speaking positivity over yourself and situation, is one of the most powerful things you can do. So speak against your situation, not about it. And most importantly, build your confidence in what you’re desiring and believing God for. That may require creating another vision board, meditating daily in the word, or finding positive affirmations that speak to a particular area of your life. Consistency is important, so do something daily that allows you to see your goals come to life.

5.) Celebrate the Small Victories!

Seeing your goals come to life is exciting, so celebrate and reward yourself. Pat yourself on the back, and take some time to take in what you’ve accomplished. Don’t overlook what you’ve completed, for our small victories always lead to bigger. Remember, God is greatly to be praised so praise Him for what He’s done in your life. For our praise is a action of thanksgiving for what God is doing through and for us. So, celebrate yourself and who God called you to BE. Thanks for reading and #SimplyBE!


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