Embracing Each Present Moment

Have you ever felt like what you’re currently called to do, just isn’t for you anymore? And that “new season” you’ve been praying and believing God for; can’t come soon enough.  Well I completely understand, that was me a year ago to this month. I graduated from grad school and afterwards had to figure where I wanted to live. I was excited for what God was about to do in my life and I had this thought in my mind that once I graduated, I would also move closer to my purpose. And not only move into my purpose but be distraction free from being who God called me to be. Unfortunately, I was so distracted about moving into my purpose and “new season” that I neglected the season I was still in. I was over my current situation, and desperately wanted something new! To the point, that I forgot about living in the moment and doing what God wanted me to do in the PRESENT.

It’s funny, while moving into our “new season” it’s easy to forget that God wants us to live and work in the present.  Tell me, are you taking advantage of the moments given to you? I know, there’s excitement and joy that comes with moving into the next level of your life but if you aren’t prepared…how will you enjoy them?

BE Present, for where you are in this moment in life, is preparing you for what God has in your future. 

Being present in your situation means trusting God completely and not being anxious for anything. “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your request be known to God” , Philippians 4:6. Let me tell you now, don’t get anxious and don’t you dare try and rush God. Because chil’, it’s not going to work! Think about it…when we’re anxious we work out of our own strength, and that moves our faith away from who and what God is capable of doing. I remember being in such a rush for things to change, that I failed to realize that each season is different. And just because the season changes, it doesn’t mean that our previous situations will also. We have to consciously take action to seek God on how to navigate from one season to next. And honestly, the struggles I experienced this season, is different from my previous season.  But it’s made me stronger. Stronger in my faith, hope and belief in who God is and what He’s called me to be.

Everyday we should take advantage of the moments given, for they’re fundamental to our purpose and BEing. 

Maybe you feel like you’ve lost sight of your purpose, and you’re ready for a new season. Or perhaps, you’re tired of being single and feel like you have to settle for whomever. Or maybe even your job is no longer exciting and you feel like you need a change. Please know, that what you’re feeling is perfectly fine, for those are your present emotions. But do you have to continue to feel this way, NO! Remember, your problem is temporary and God can and will change anything! Moving forward, ask God to show you how to deal with your present situation. That may require you adjusting your attitude, being obedient, humbling yourself, doing something in faith, or taking authority by speaking life over yourself and circumstance. But whatever God is leading you to do, do it!  And believe in faith, that in that present moment He’s leading and guiding you toward your future. Thanks for reading and #SimplyBE.


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