God’s Positioning System

If you hate traffic like me, then you understand how much I appreciate technology and the invention of the GPS (Global Positioning System). I use the GPS everywhere I go in Atlanta, especially, when it’s during busy traffic times; and of course when I have absolutely no idea where I’m going…like this weekend. Which is a story I’ll save for another time, but pray for a sista! I’m still learning these ATL streets…However, the great thing about the GPS is that it can measure distance and help pinpoint locations anywhere in the world. Provide the “best” information to avoid traps in the road, and give detail directions to get to and from your destination safely and quickly. If an accident occurs, the GPS will reroute and create a detour just for you. And I really need that, because for some reason, even when I know where I’m going; I follow the GPS…but later end up going my own way!

It’s funny, why is that we want to go on our own way, find detours, or be defiant to the directions that are given to us. Yeah, it’s a simple GPS system, but it kind of reminds me of how we are with God. He’ll give us directions on where to go, how to handle a situation, and how to avoid any potential road traps…and yet we go our own way!

But let’s BE real, God’s amazing and larger than technology!

He goes beyond where we are at that particular moment, for He see’s ahead and provides. He provides safety, care, and can not only create but reconstruct detours just for us. And the amazing thing about God’s detours, are that they’re perfectly planed and positioned at the right place and time. And He can even clear the road and give peace of mind when things look foggy. I don’t know about you all, but I think we have the best GPS (God’s Positioning System)!

Honestly, I don’t want anything else! God’s Positioning System is divine and personal. He never fails, He’s dependable and sustainable through any trip. You’ll never get lost or have to worry. And as we all know, life can be difficult, and navigating through it with the proper directions and tools is important. I encourage today, to let God lead you! All you have to do is ask, and don’t be afraid to ask BIG! Remember, God loves obedience and desires to give you the desires of your heat. He’s not only honored that you’re allowing Him to lead you, but pleased!

So don’t get distracted or discouraged when you see signs for a U-Turn, take it and BE assured that you’re headed in the right direction.

Thank you for reading and #SimplyBe



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