Live Your Best Life NOW!

There’s something about being around happy people. The energy that a happy person exudes is not only exciting but contagious. So contagious that it almost forces you to laugh, smile, and often times celebrate. Even songs that talk about happiness can have the same effect. Listen to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, it’ll have you smiling, clapping your hands, stomping your feet and dancing at the same time. The song reminds you that despite what’s going on, our how others feel or think…I’m Happy! And that’s what we have to do, choose to be happy. So happy, that others stop and take notice. Why does it matter if people notice? Because we’re examples of Christ and it’s important that we live life at our best now!

Living your best life now means being excited about the life God has given you, believing for good things to happen in your future, and enjoying living in each moment of it all. It’s so easy to become comfortable with where we are in life, to the point that we use it as an excuse to remain mediocre.

But who wants to be mediocre?! I understand, maybe you came from a family that didn’t have a lot of money, experienced divorce, failure, or depression. But who said that defines who YOU are?! You are a child of God! Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and decide today that you’re going to start believing for bigger and better.

Yes, dream big and believe for better! God wants you to start living your best life now! You may feel like you’ve been through so much and things aren’t turning around, but stay encouraged. God is with you!

BE thankful for what you have, and look forward to what’s to come.

God has never left you, and will continue to provide. Stop looking at what’s going wrong and focus your attention on thanking God for what’s right. Start each day with an expectancy to receive God’s favor, grace, and doors of opportunity. And even if there’s no change immediately, stay encouraged and be in faith. Remember, faith is a positive response to what God has already done. He’s already provided and faith simply takes possession to moves us into the perfect position to receive.

Receive what God has for you, for He’s no respecter of person. He’s a good God, He wants us all to be whole and prosperous. He doesn’t want you to simply settle for a relationship, but be with someone who will be your help mate and best friend. Nor does God want you to work a job you dislike, but desires for you to be in a place where you feel fulfilled and encouraged to excel. So start expecting things to change in your favor, and remember, your faith activates the power of God.

BE obedient and willing to trust the best God has to offer in life, and start living now!

Thanks for reading and #SimplyBE!


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