Think BIG, Ask BIG!

Prayers should be done with boldness! For God get’s so much pleasure out of fulfilling the needs of His children…that’s what I’m continuously reminding myself lately. I use to find myself praying weak prayers. What’re weak prayers? Prayers that place limits on what God can do. In my prayer time one day I said, ” Lord, give me strength to work this job.” That may seem like a simple, honest prayer, but God checked me immediately. He said, “Why are you putting limits on me? Do you not believe that I can give you another job, more opportunity, more access to resources?”…I couldn’t say anything y’all! God put me ALL the way together and of course He was right! I literally at that moment, had to repent for asking such a weak prayer with a limited mentality.

Asking from a limited mentality, limits what God will and can do for you. James 4:3 (NLT) “And even when you ask, you don’t get it because your motives are all wrong–you want only what will give you pleasure”. God wants us to ask but ask with the right motives. Many of our prayers aren’t answered because our motives and reasoning behind what we desire, are completely opposite of what He desires for us. However, when our motives are pure and focused on blessing others, God not only blesses us, but bless others through us.

God want’s us to be a blessing! You’re praying to pay your bills when He wants to give you the opportunity to pay others bills. You want a raise, and God wants to give you a business. We should thank God that our needs are supplied, but being complacent is not what He wants. He wants you to have an abundance, so that you can be a blessing to others. Instead of asking God to help you get by, ask for what God promised you, and ask Big! Think about it…What’s hindering you from Thinking BIG and Asking Big! When you realize that you have an opportunity to not only Think BIG but Ask BIG, there’s nothing that can hinder God from working in your life. When God laid down the plan for your life He didn’t just give you enough to get by, He multiplied it for more than enough. He’s the God of abundance, that see’s ahead and provides!

Maybe your dream looks impossible now, but take the limits off God. Don’t ask God to help you function in your dysfunction, ask him to help you fulfill your purpose and dreams to bless others. God can make things happen that you can never make happen. Again, are you asking BIG or are you letting your circumstances rule?!

BE bold with what you ask God, you’re not inconveniencing Him!

Ask God for your dreams and desires. Nothing makes God happier than for you to step into your purpose, so you can use your influence in ways that’s pleasing to Him. There’s no limit to how God will use you, if you’ll use it for His glory. Thanks for reading, #BeBold and #SimplyBe!


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