How to Be Your “Authentic” Self


So we all have different variations of ourselves and we know when and where to present them. Don’t act like you’ve never acted a particular way in front of your family but not your co-workers, or your friends and not the people at church. We’ve all done it, whether it was on purpose or not, we’ve all found ourselves being what I like to call “our presented selves”. Being our presented selves is comfortable, based on the situations.

We can present to others what we want them to see, which causes them to perceive who they BElieve we are. 

We allow others to perceive who they think we are. And when we fail to meet their expectations, they get upset and so do we. And that’s simply because we’re not being genuine or true to ourselves, which causes us to be inauthentic. Brene Brown describes authenticity as “The daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re suppose to be and embracing who we are.” There was a time when I never wanted to look bad, and struggled with the ides of perfectionism. I tried my best to be as perfect as possible…but no ones perfect. I remember dating a guy and really wanting things to work, so I always “presented” myself well.  And one particular day, nothing seemed to go right, and he asked to come over just to cheer me up. Usually, I would have said no because I looked a hot mess, but God was working on me during this time. So I said okay…now this may seem minutiae to y’all but this was a big deal for me, Lol! That day, he saw a sista with sweat pants, hair tied, chillin with no make up on; and I think I might have even tripped walking to the couch. Did it taint his thoughts or feelings about me? No! We laughed and moved on. Those were my insecurities and lack of authenticity to myself. My inauthenticity didn’t effect that guy or our situation, but inauthenticity isn’t always obvious to us. It can effect those around us and areas of our lives drastically. 

Consider any area of your life that you feel has lost it’s authenticity. Maybe it’s a loss of power, freedom, self-expression, or a relationship. It could also mean being afraid to reach your goals, having a voice or being creative. What’s stopping you from being authentic? Really think about it! Because 1.) When you’re truly authentic through Christ you’re vulnerable and unafraid of looking bad. Because you know that who and what you do doesn’t matter in the eyes of others. Your faith and confidence is in who God created you to be, and that’s enough. 2.) When you’re truly authentic to who you are, you remember what drives and leads you to your full potential. And 3.) Being authentic means, taking constructive feedback and improving areas of your life that’s lacking in some way.  Again, sometimes our inauthenticity isn’t always obvious. And if there’s a lack of authenticity from yourself that you haven’t realized, then it’s time to take back what’s yours! How do you this? 

You begin by BEing authentic, about BEing inauthentic, they’re connected.

Be honest with yourself, distinguish where you’re being inauthentic, and determine the impact it’s having on your life. Examine the possibility of having and being anything you desire, by simply being authentic to yourself and tapping into your true potential. Below are benefits to Simply BEing authentic to yourself. Thanks for reading and #SimplyBe!


Benefits of Simply Being your authentic self Include:

  • Being happier
  • Feeling of fulfillment
  • Decision making becomes easier
  • Awareness increases
  • Truthful to self & others
  • Doing things on your own terms
  • Doing what you really want
  • Doing what you love
  • Satisfying your needs
  • A sense of purpose
  • Helping you prioritize how you live
  • Being in alignment with goals & dreams

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