Are You Making Time for the Right Person?

How are you spending your time on a daily basis? You may be busy, overwhelmed with work, and have number of task you have to accomplish by the end of the day. But the time you spend outside of work, outside of your spouse, outside of your children…how do you spend it?

Do you have time to meditate and talk to God? And I mean really mediate. To the point of having a genuine conversation, without distractions. And praying while you’re getting dressed or working out, doesn’t count. I’m not saying that’s wrong, I find myself doing this all the time. For God wants us to communicate and pray with Him throughout the day. But God doesn’t want us to continuously make this apart of our routine conversation with Him. Think about, what if your spouse our someone you’re dating, only spoke to you every once in awhile. What if they only spent a few minutes with you throughout the week, and when you’re ready to talk, they walk away or go out the door. You would be upset!…Because 1. You really care about your relationship and 2. Who doesn’t love P.T. (Personal Time) with the the person they love, it’s special right?! PT is what grows your relationship and love for one another. And since they want to forget who they decided to date or marry, you would make it a priority to remind them immediately…AND also about their negative behavior, it’s got to go! That’s not the person you fell in love with. This new person is immature, selfish, and rude…and ain’t nobody got time for that.

Who would be in love with someone who’s selfish and rude? Who would be in love with someone that makes them feel like they aren’t a priority in their life?…none of us, right?! But how do you think God feels when we do this to Him? God loves us and thankfully is forgiving, despite when we fail to make Him a priority. Despite the small attention and time we give Him. Despite it all, God is always with us! When we fail to give God our complete time and attention, we’re also being immature, selfish, and rude. We can’t conveniently just fit God into our schedule. Again, continuous conversation and prayer throughout the day is always important and needed. But having that PT time with God is important and special.

BE completely still with God, with no distractions, just you and Him!

God is always open and willing to give us His complete love and attention. Make it a priority to have PT with God, and give Him the love and attention He deserves. Remember, your intimate PT with God is what grows your love and relationship together. It’s special and intimate. Don’t just conveniently allow God in your life, but purposefully make Him a priority. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share. Blessing and #SimplyBE


(P.S.- Questions and answers will begin soon, so please feel welcome to ask any questions throughout the week.)

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