Is This Your Season of Growth!

 Gardens are beautiful to me, and I admire anyone who has a green thumb. The time that’s needed to mature vegetables and fruit is demanding. Gardens take time, attention, and a whole lot of pruning. When planting seeds you can’t just expect for them to grow on their own. You have to make sure you’re seeds are placed in good ground, are watered daily, and are pruned from anything that can hinder their growth. 

Water and growth is extremely important in producing a productive garden. Growth is also extremely vital in having a successful life. Remember, Growth is a process. When God is watering and pruning us into who He wants us to be, it’s not alway easy. Let me tell you, growth is never easy, nor does it feel good. It’s the one thing that forces us out of our comfort zone, and into the reliability of God. 

When God has called us to do a particular task, it’s easy for us to give into our flesh and be disobedient. But true growth comes when we humble and surrender ourselves to God. 

There’s no way you can properly grow into who you’re called to BE without Christ. 

Thankfully, Christ is the root that holds us together. Sometimes our seeds are slow to growth, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t maturing. Continue to water and mature the seeds that God’s placed inside of you, and don’t be afraid to experience some pruning along the way. 

Again,“Growth is a process. You don’t just “BEcome.” You first enter a season of “BEcoming.” At the end of that season, u will BE.- Hart Ramsey

Thanks for reading and #SimplyBE!


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