Are You Present in the Moment!?!


So I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of this at some time or another. Don’t act like you haven’t done it, because I know I have. Been out to dinner with friends or your significant other and had your phone out. Now I’m not saying you can’t multitask, because I know! You can be on your phone AND be completely engaged in a conversation, at the same time. You’re a pro like that! But let’s get real, are you really engaged with that person and the conversation?! No, because there’s usually something you’re missing or didn’t hear completely.

Imagine if you were at dinner with God. He’s telling you how much He loves you, and you had your phone out. How do you think He would feel?! Hold up, I know what you’re thinking…I wouldn’t do that to God, I would put my phone away! Well if you wouldn’t do it to God, why would you do it to those you care about. God wants us to show love and compassion to those around us. He desires for us to love others, just as He does. Our love for others should be a reflection of Him.

You already know, If you were out with God you would put your phone away. And give Him your complete appreciation and love. God wants all our attention but He also wants us to love and appreciate the people placed in our lives. 

Don’t be afraid to BE in the moment with Christ and those around you. 

Remember, God desires for you to share Christ like love. I encourage you today, to intentionally put your phone and any additional distractions away while in conversations with others. Let them know just how special they mean to you. Thanks for reading and #SimplyBe!


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