Are Those God’s Goals!?!

It’s a New Year, and we all know what that means. Everyone wants to change or improve into a heather, thinner, and more prosperous person than they were before; which is great! For this is the time when we’re all motivated and encouraged to put things into action. You know how it is, we’ll make a list and say, “Lord, I want to do this and I want to change that”. And our mind starts flowing with ideas, and we immediately begin to claim and confess that the Holy Spirit gave them ALL to us. At times that may be true, but the majority of the time…God has nothing to do with the twenty five ideas we came up with. And God’s looking at us side ways like, now you know I didn’t tell you to do that…Stop playing. Yes, God has blessed us all with gifts, but that doesn’t mean we have to use them all. The use of our gifts should be purposeful and helpful in reaching our goals for God.

Goals should be purposeful in helping you get closer to who God has called you to BE.

God is so intentional about what He does and how He prepares opportunities in our life. So why shouldn’t we do the same in creating goals for ourselves. It’s important that you ask God what it is He wants you to do, and to guide you in a way that’s focused and purposeful. Think for a minute, what if the goals God created for you, didn’t fit into the goals that you created?! And then you’ve shorted yourself out of blessings and doors of opportunity. I don’t know about y’all but I need all the blessing I can get.

If we believe that we’re the head and not the tail, and can receive the desires of our heart. Then why can’t we have what God desires for us and more. The problem comes in when we try and take control. God said that He can take us where we never imagined or dreamed. Which is why it’s important that we have humbling spirits for God to show us where to go and what to do in our lives. So Instead of trying to figure out what your goals should be for the new year. Do yourself a favor and ask God. He already knows everything we’re going to face and achieve for the year, why not ask Him. God is the giver of life, and He makes our life more abundant. Seek God’s heart for your goals. I heard one of my mentors say the other day.

“If you will seek God’s heart and not just His hands. You will seek more than your hands can hold.”

And it’s so true! So when you receive your goals from God, don’t be afraid. You have to remember, God prepares us before He places us, He’s intentional. Not only does He prepare us, but He shows us what He’s requiring and needing for us to get there. I encourage you to get ready! Because after you make your goals, be prepared to grow and move into a new place of growth. Growth can be scary, I know, because we may feel like we don’t have clarity and began to doubt ourselves. But you know the voice of God, and God will never tell you to do something without blessing it first.

So don’t be afraid to dream and step out in faith on your goals and assignments from God. And I say assignments because, if God told you to do it, you’re assigned and anointed to accomplish it. Storms may come but don’t get discouraged. God can do and make the impossible, possible. Forget what you see, what others say, or how you feel. Don’t be afraid to dream, I encourage you to dream! And if God was dreaming for you, what would He come up with? Be confident in who you are and who’s you are. Blessings and #SimplyBE


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