What you “Have” & What you “Get”


It’s easy to compare ourselves to others. Especially, when we feel like things aren’t going well in life. We can focus so much on the negative and what we don’t have, that having gratitude and thanksgiving are completely forgotten. But it’s time we start looking at the negative situations in our life as opportunities to give thanks.

There are days when things don’t go exactly as I would like, and it can be difficult to give thanks. But I’m learning that what I consider a struggle, may look like flowers and rainbows to someone else. And what’s fustrating me, may be a piece of cake to another person…You just never know.

Many times my clients come to me complaining about various goals they have to accomplish. These are goals they set themselves, which may require them stepping out of their comfort zone and into faith. I understand how that can seem scary, but complaining isn’t going to help. I remind them that there’s someone, somewhere, wishing they had the same opportunities. 

As adults we spend a lot of time thinking about what we have to do. We have to pick up the kids from school. We have to wake early for work. We have to feed the dog. And we have to go grocery shopping.

These are things we “have” to do, but if we change the word “have” to “get”, our feelings may change. You get to pick up the kids from school. You get to wake up early for work. You get to feed the dog. And you get to go grocery shopping. If you noticed, when we use the word “get”, it sounds more of a privilege than a task. Remember, we’re graciously given the opportunity to do what we need to do on a daily basis.

Things may not go as planned when trying to do them, but thank God we’re simply given the opportunity to do so.

It’s important that we remind ourselves of the things we “get” to do, and that someone’s situation may be worse than our own. One of the keys to overcoming during difficult times is keeping a positive attitude. A positive attitude in how you see, how you react, and what you do.

So the next time you start feeling discouraged about a situation or complaining that you “have” to do something; remember that you are blessed to “get” to do it. And there’s someone wishing they had they same opportunity. I encourage you to stay focused on the positive, and give thanks right where you are. Despite the situation, despite how you feel, and despite what you see, you give thanks! Thanks for reading, #BeBlessed #BeJoy #SimplyBE!


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