Rebelling to Move


These last few months have been a roller coaster of emotions and thoughts for me. So this blog may be a little longer than usual. Let me tell you, living in Atlanta with my best friend these last three years has been nothing but a blessing. But unfortunately, the first week of September would bring an end to our lease together. And the issue of continuing to stay together or alone was something we were going back and forth on. Financially, of course, it was easier for us to stay together. But to be honest, emotionally for me as well. Due to our busy schedules, there were times we didn’t speak every day; but knowing that someone was there provided comfort to us both. So making the decision to leave my friend was hard, and maybe a little selfish. But truthfully, I didn’t want to be alone, however, I knew the time for us to leave each other would eventually come.

Before the months of September, I would constantly hear God in my quiet time remind me that I was not alone. He would even use my friends and family to remind me as well. To the point of using the exact words of “you’re not alone”. Personally, I thought it was God giving me comfort and reassurance from a previous break up. But I see now, it was actually Him preparing me for my move.

August had arrived and I was still looking for a place to move. I looked everywhere, and even took the initiative of finding myself another roommate (I was desperate yall!). I can’t remember if I took the time to ask God if I should get another roommate, but I did it anyways. After three days of trying to find somewhere to stay with my new found roommate, surprisingly, we were unsuccessful. She needed to move soon, and could not wait any longer. However, I was also in hope that my best friend and I would find somewhere together as well. So thankfully, my best friend and I agreed to look again. Just when I thought we had found somewhere nice, things changed and I was back to looking for an apartment on my own. I literally at this point, had two weeks to find somewhere to stay. There are no words to express how angry and upset I was with the whole situation. I was left looking again for a place on my own and time was coming to an end. I’m not a person to procrastinate so waiting until the last minute made me even more upset. How did I find myself in this situation? And the reality of having to live alone was really sinking in. I was moving alone, I was going to be alone, and I had no control over the situation.

Okay, looking back maybe I was being a little dramatic about the situation. But being alone was not what I wanted to do, and waiting to find somewhere at the last minute wasn’t ideal as well. I know we shouldn’t question God, but a sista needed some answers. I found myself asking God why? I was so angry and frustrated, not at Him, but the situation. I was really trying to walk in faith, but to be honest, I was loosing hope. Hope that I wasn’t going to find something in time and wishing my budget was a little larger that what it was. But I literally had no choice, but to move and trust God. Physically God was giving me no other choice but spiritually as well. Spiritually it was time for me to move forward and trust Him with my life completely. God forced me to realize that He really does have control over everything we do, and the plan that He has laid out for us is already written and provided. We just have to move forward in grace, faith, and obedience. Moving forward is hard but necessary.

We often times think moving is just physical but spiritually there’s a shift also. God doesn’t just move in the spiritual, without shifting something in the natural as well. They work simultaneously of each other.

So the last Thursday before I had to move, I confessed what I wanted and desired in my apartment one more time. While in prayer I heard God say, “]Tomorrow you won’t have to search any longer.” Walking on that word I went in search of my apartment. I went to two places. One apartment was a dump and the other just didn’t feel right. I went to one last place that was referred by a friend, and it was exactly what I prayed and confessed for. The woman that signed the lease originally decided an hour before that she didn’t want the place. The place was newly renovated, with brand new appliances, floors, and more. I signed the lease and moved in that same Sunday. The move was smooth and felt so right. How could I have questioned God?!

God will and can do anything beyond what we can imagine ore dream! Despite the fact that I was rebelling to move not only physically but spiritually as well. God continued to show me that He had complete control. Everything I did, didn’t work. But when I surrender to His plan and will for my life, He showed up and showed out! There are no words to say how thankful I am. God did it all! My rebellion to the move the way God desired for me, almost caused me to miss out on the preordained blessing He had for me as well.

When we move out of our own way and let God do what He does so well; there’s no way we can’t and will not walk in abundance. And there may BE times you feel like you’re alone, but remember, God is with you and He’s all that you need.

Trust the path that God has for you, and when it’s not going like you planned, don’t rebel. But seek God’s word and don’t be afraid to walk in obedience and faith. Thank you for reading and #BeInFaith #BePositive #SimplyBE!


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