Asking All Them Questions

I often meet people who ask those annoying questions that single people, like myself, despise…We all know what they are, a close friend or family member at one time or another has asked you…or you’ve been the annoying friend or family member that brings the questions up. I don’t know, you decide. But you know what the questions are, “Are you dating anyone?”, “Have you meet anyone?”… or the infamous, “When you gone get married?”…When I get get a fiancé maybe.

I know, these are all normal questions that people should ask. Especially, people that love you. However, I think people mix up the the idea of being single with being happy and loved. It’s as if, people think you have to be with someone to experience happiness. Lies! If you’re unhappy alone, how can you be happy with someone else. Think about it! And if you don’t feel loved while you’re alone, how can you love someone else. I’m not saying its impossible, people do it all the time. They bring their baggage of not knowing how to properly be what they desire as a single person into a relationship. Then they wonder why their relationship is failing. You’re carrying too many bags hunnie!

I know you’re tired. Let them bags go, please! As Christians we should be focusing on ourselves before we get in a relationship with someone else. What we should ask is, “Are you the person, in which the person you’re looking for, is looking for ?” Forget finding the right person and them finding you, find yourself first.

When you know who you are in Christ, that’s when you’re capable of having a relationship that you and most importantly God is desiring for you.  

You know what you need to work on before getting into a relationship. Maybe it’s patience, listening, your health, being kind, building your relationship with Christ. I can’t tell you what it is, but you know. Take the time to really evaluate yourself and what you want to change. Make a change today! Not just for yourself, but for your future mate.

When you BEcome the person that you’re looking for, the desire to date just to date will no longer be appealing.

You’ll no longer have to seek for the right person, It’ll be easy. You’re character and spirit will match theirs, and you’ll continue to grow and build each other up through grace. Again, “Are you the person, In which the person you’re looking for, is looking for?” 

Tips on how to prepare for a Great Relationship through 1 Corinthians: 13 Next time! #BeLove #SimplyBE


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